#3 of 365

Saturday morning, bright, sunny, (obviously) mid-50’s. Walked to the sunny side of the house and found some new life, green and growing. Some call them weeds.

This is the easy part of a Project 365. Not at work during the day, and the weather makes it easy to go outside, giving more options in light.

Until 2008, when I was given my unconditional release, I’d come home from work every weekday at about noon. Pat and I would take our original Good Cats outside after lunch for 15 minutes to a half-hour. From 2005, when I got my first digital camera (Konica-Minolta) it was easy to find something to focus on and press the shutter.

The combination of cats and plants, and maybe the curiosity stemming from having nothing else to do while supervising the cats, led to seeing a great many things it would otherwise be easy to overlook. I learned about little blue creeping spreadwell, little orange-red scarlet pimpernel, and little yellow wood sorrel. I’ll have to look for a Shazam of plants to find out what this one is. EDIT: Google Images worked fine; it’s purple dead nettle.)

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