Day 182 (All Good things…)

Roadside chicory, Bethlehem, PA. A summer wildflower, and my favorite.

Now, halfway through this year-long project, I’m going to stop. Any number of reasons, tops on the list being a lack of time to devote to it and a desire to do something else for awhile with the time I have. (I gave a lot more thought to abandoning it than I did to starting it.)

But this was fun, and I learned some useful things. I’ll be looking to use them in another way soon. Thanks for dropping by.

2 thoughts on “Day 182 (All Good things…)

  1. this IS a very pretty flower.

    understand about the desire to stop posting, but will definitely miss the posts; enjoyed each of them. please give some serious thought to submitting your work for consideration; the photos are and have been as da tabbies say; AWESUM !!!!!!

  2. I can understand stepping away from your project. A 365 project takes a lot of time, especially when you want to do other things. I did one years ago … I was the model, not the photographer. If you decide to resume, I’ll check in then.

    Best wishes,

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